December 2015 · Food

Unplanned shopping excursion!


It was supposed to be an uneventful Sunday.  The only thing we definitely planned on doing was picking up some Grain-free cat food for our fur-baby since he has an allergy and it causes sups stinky poo. Sorry, TMI. Anyways, we popped into my Parent’s house to drop off some snacks and check to see if anymore NL mail came for my hubs, and lo and behold an e-mail popped up on the hub’s phone stating that Oil & Vinegar (an awesome Dutch store!) was having after Christmas sales and surprise bag grabs. Dutch surprise bag grabs are feckin’ phenomenal. Allow me to explain.

I took a 3-month trial to the NL to see if my Husband and I could truly live together.  I mean, we met on a video game and Skype’d and all, but that’s not the same as living together.  I came in February and stayed for 89 days exactly (you get to stay 90d without having to apply for a visa).  In the Netherlands there is this phenomenal skin care / cosmetic stores which finally opened here in NY, called Rituals Cosmetics.  We happened upon their store while they were having these surprise grab bags ranging in pricing.  I picked up one for 15 Euros and it was legit one of the best priced things I ever purchased, especially for a mystery bag.  No other country that I’ve tried (and I’ve tried U.S. , Korean and Japanese) can compare to the awesomeness of mystery bags from Dutch Companies.

Right, so now that I’ve finished rambling, we spent $30.00 exactly on their “Surprise Bag” and obtained a 250 ml bottle of Pesto Vinaigrette, a 5 liter bottle of some delicious Strawberry Vinegar, a 200 ml bottle of Basil EVOO, a fun Sicilian dipper, and an Italian cookie that tasted like a fruit cake.  Not shown was the 50% off coupon on any single item with no expiration date.  I was sad because I really was hoping that their Black Truffle oil would be in this surprise bag (mmmmmmmmmmmm) so I just used that coupon and got a nice 100 ml bottle of it.  Afterwards my hubs pointed out that I could have used that to get the last $30.00 grab bag and gotten another 50% off but seriously we had way more than enough stuff.  Plus I totally got what I wanted.

But this wasn’t the first set of savings that we encountered. The mall we went to was insanely crowded so we parked in front of Macy’s.  I have this habit of looking at their housewares (for Kate Spade) so since we weren’t doing anything and needed to up our step count we pondered up to the third floor and poked around a bit.  Apparently today they had a door buster on these Ralph Lauren pillows that were normally priced at $20.00.  The upstairs was a bit chaotic and nothing was where it should be so I asked an associate if these were on sale and she ever so sweetly informed me they were a door-buster until 2pm (6 minutes away) at $6.99 each.  So now we have these awesome extra firm pillows and can donate the crappy Serta ones I bought from Wal-Fart that started getting lumpy after a few months.

One last tidbit and I shall bid adieu,

Kimchi and Egg Salad Sandwiches.  These need to become a thing.  They’re delicious.



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