January 2016

Out with the old in with the…complete!

So I’m committing myself to be the best me this year. This includes subjecting myself to another EPS study and probably giving my hopes up but whatevs, that’s another story I’ll keep to myself. I’m determined to start what I finished – Mari Kondo’s KonMari method. My sweet hubs already did this when he left The NL to come live here so he gets a free pass on this adventure with me. I did, however, make him download the e-book for free so I didn’t have to pay for her book (I don’t buy books @ full price unless I’m already in love with them). Truthfully, half of her damn book is filled with stories that you can skip.  If you’re able to filter out relavant information then you are able to fully understand the concept and approach to de-cluttering your life permanently. Seriously,  with note-taking involved, I finished that book in an hour.
I’ve completed my clothes, and will finish my books, kimono and sentimental tomorrow. My meds were making me feel sluggish and migrane-y. Best be prepared for the follow up post with pictures!


Mission complete. I have successfully sloughed off the excess clutter of my formal life as a single lady. Now that I’ve reflected for a couple hours on it, I don’t feel like I got rid of a lot and I’m kind of wondering if it’s because I’m THAT materialistic that everything sparks joy or is it some innate hoarding issue I have from my childhood. Or is it that it’s not about the amount I threw away, but what is still left that’s relevant to my life now. My dear hubs thinks I got rid of “quite a lot”, I still feel like there’s something left to do. Oh, yeah. Organize.


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