Cuteness Overload · January 2016 · Planner Fun

My current addiction


So here are a few bits new and recently rediscovered that I’m currently obsessed with!
In the back we have these pastel Cambridge notebooks/journals that I obtained from Target during a black friday haul. They came in a set of three and I’m currently using them to channel my nerdrage and other thoughts so that I can live like a rational, normal human. In other words, it’s serving as my journal lol. Next is this cute ‘To-do’ that I found in the Bullseye playground section of Target (again). Not much to say other than woohoo $1.00 holla.  Then there is this very red Rilakuma-ish pen I got from e-bay and the writing is precise and not leaky. It’s also great for V-Day use so :). Lastly is this super cute Santoro notebook I snagged off of Amazon last year after my excursion to the NL. I love this artist and this characterand am to dying for the day that Carlton Card stores put her on sale for 75% off! (Plssssss) I was previously using this as a recipe book but I’m going back to using it for ideas for my future housewifing skills I have yet to master…like cooking.  Cheers!


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