January 2016 · Planner Fun

Current Vanity Set-up for 2016.



In the spirit of the next holiday (albeit not really a holiday), I decided to glam up my lady station.  So to start, I switched out my gold pails from the Target dollar spot and replaced them with these adorable light pink & gold heart ones (also from Target’s dollar spot/Bullseye Playground).  I made my hubs pick up the other pail to the far left – pink heart w/ stripes – because it was just too cute & that is my current miscellaneous holder.  I have another Target item, the pink bowl with tiny hearts, as my catch-all bowl.  I got the idea from Sweet Kawaii Design when she revealed them on her YT channel a couple of weeks ago. On either side of my lady station I have these great buys I got from Aldi this week, 3-drawer acrylics for $3.99 ea.  Yassssss! In the middle I have a glass tray holding all of my perfumes and then in front of that I have these cute cat boxes that I also got on e-bay a while back for the low-low. That’s it for my lady station, now on to some good mini-haulin’!


Most of this I obtained, again, from Target’s Dollar spot.  I bought the kawaii headband off an e-bay store that someone had linked in a FB group that I’m in (Memebox Addicts ftw!). I paid $1.99 and it including shipping, all so I could look cute washing my face. Makes me happy bro, money well spent.  I also picked up some ran-do stationary to glam up my Heidi Swapp planner that my sweet hubs got for me this past Christmas.  Below is the end result!


So that’s it for this mini haul!  Hope you found it as enjoyable as I did!


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